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Coronavirus: SDU follows the health authorities' recommendations

SDU encourages staff and students to keep up to date on the official channels of the Danish authorities.

By Katrine Findsen, , 2/27/2020

After the first Danish case of coronavirus, COVID-19, the Danish health authorities underline that there still is a low risk of widespread infection in Denmark. At the same time, the Danish health service is well equipped to deal with patients with infectious diseases.

- After the development in Italy over the weekend, we had expected to see cases of COVID-19 in Denmark soon, so we are not surprised, and we must expect to see more cases in the coming days and weeks. But our strategy is to contain the spread of infection in Denmark. We do this by quickly diagnosing COVID-19 and by treating in isolation, while also detecting and managing people who have had close contact with the infected so that they can quarantine, says Søren Brostrøm, Director of The National Board of Health. 

Get information on the website of the National Board of Health

On the website of the National Board of Health, you can keep up to date with information and more information:

Check recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you, as a student or an employee, need to travel, you should follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guidelines and use them as a guide:

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