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Strong recognition of SDU in international rankings

SDU has moved up into the top 300 universities in the world, according to the Academic World Ranking Universities (ARWU) ranking list from Shanghai, which has published this year’s ratings of international universities.

First published in 2003, the ARWU ranking is recognised as a fair and transparent method of evaluating the research of the universities. Nobel Prizes, research awards, citations in prestigious journals, and international publications have been reviewed in order to rank more than 2,500 universities worldwide, of which the top 1,000 are highlighted in the rankings.

Harvard University tops the ranking list. The top 20 includes universities located in the US in particular, but also in England, France and Switzerland. The best Chinese university is Tsinghua University at number 26, and overall, Chinese universities are going up in the rankings. By and large, the Danish universities maintain their previous rankings, but SDU takes a big leap to 201-300.

Several reasons for SDU’s ranking

- There is no doubt that SDU’s many strong research environments, tradition of interdisciplinary research, international co-publishing and strong cooperation with innovative companies in the outside world help to give SDU a prominent position on the list, says Jens Ringsmose, Rector of SDU.

Several of SDU’s research environments rank among the global elite. These include Public Administration (rank no. 51-75), Public Health (rank no. 51-75), Communication (rank no. 101-150), Medical Technology (rank no. 101-150) and Political Sciences (rank no. 101-150).

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Editing was completed: 17.08.2022