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10 SDU researchers among 2023's most cited

DM Akademikerbladet, in collaboration with Infomedia, has calculated the experts' appearances in the press last year. On 2023's top 50 list, there are ten researchers from SDU to be found, including number one.

The list of last year's most cited researchers is strongly influenced by recent events at home and abroad, with stories from our healthcare system, about the climate and war situations around the world.

SDU's Jes Søgaard tops the list with an impressive 1752 citations last year.

The 10 SDU researchers on this year's list are:
1. Jes Søgaard, professor, CPop, 1752 citations
3. Peter Viggo Jakobsen, professor (parttime), Center for War Studies, 1050 citations
7. Sebastian Mernild, Head of centre, professor, SDU Climate Cluster, 622 citations
21. Sten Schaumburg-Müller, professor, Department of Law, 404 citations
23. Kjeld Møller Pedersen, professor, Department of Economics, 385 citations
27. Niels Bjerre-Poulsen, assosiate professor, Department of Culture and Language, 344 citations
28. Frederik Waage, professor, Department of Law, 326 citations
34. Peter Møllgaard, Dean of The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, 287 citations
39. Henrik Wenzel, Professor, SDU Life Cycle Engineering, 255 citations
43. Kent Kristensen, associate professor, Department of Law, 243 citations

Read more about the inventory on DM Akademikerbladet’s website (in danish)

Editing was completed: 29.01.2024