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Smart factory

The Smart Factory (SMAF) is a project supported by the Danish Industry Foundation with the objective to render small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more competitive in the global competition. The idea and objective of SMAF is collaboration  and technologies to create growth between SMEs. Most SMEs are incredibly successful on their own but our hypothesis is that they will perform even better and become stronger when joining forces.

The project is inspired by Brainport in the Netherlands, and the SMART project, and might become a tool to create growth in the municipality of Sonderborg by strengthening triple helix between industry, university and politicians.


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The project is based on a consortium between SDU, Delta and CLEAN. A number of practical cases have been analysed by SMAF; for instance:

Four SMVs have joint forces with the University of Southern Denmark, EUC Syd and the Development Council of Southern Denmark with the objective to develop new innovative manufacturing solutions.

A joint test facility for power electronic activities specified and developed by enterprises within the mechatronics area.

The Green Water Research Project was initiated as a prototype at SDU in Sonderborg, with the objective to reuse sea water from the Sound of Als for cooling and heating of specific areas of the Alsion complex.

The project has participated in the Development of the Smart Metal Factory that is implemented in a new project of the same name.

Furthermore the project has participated in the Development of the Smart Factory Laboratory which is part of the Innovation Lab at SDU.

An important contribution will be a PhD thesis within the field which will be ready during summer 2017.

Contact info:

Arne Bilberg,
Tlf.: +45 65501629







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