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With the DroneID we create an electronic license plate for drones that allows authorities to identify drones and monitor their activities.

The rapid growth in applications of drones, challenges the regulations for the use of drones.  And the DroneID project recognizes that the success of commercial drone industry requires the population’s confidence in secure and lawful operations.

DroneID is the first step towards UAS Traffic Management (UTM) in Denmark.

Project Details

The drone pilots register online in a national database, which allow the license plate’s signal to be followed by authorities.

DroneID project explores two different communication architectures:

  • Direct communication with the UTM server via GSM
  • The drone transmits a radio beacon signal which is relayed via GSM by the pilot or nearby infrastructure or authorities in the area.

The DroneID fit drones up to 25 kg and focus is on ease of use, reliability, and size, weight and power consumption.

TheDroneID will enable authorities to identify and monitor drone activity and contact a drone pilot to e.g clear the airspace for a medical helicopter.
It will be a valuable tool to the drone pilots concerning authorization of flights, awarenes of permanent and temporary no-fly zones etc.

Drone vendors may choose to embed the DroneID functionality into the drone hardware based on an open standard. The external DroneID is intended for drones without this functionality.

Results from the DroneID project will be released as permissive free open source.

Updated PDF Presentation of DroneID (DK)
PDF Presentation of DroneID (GB, older version)

Contact information:

Kjeld Jensen,, SDU UAS Center
Martin Skriver,, SDU UAS Center

Last Updated 10.07.2020