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New employee: Welcome to Robert Ladig

Robert is joining us after living for 11 years in Japan

Image of Robert Ladig, the new employee at University of Southern Denmark

SDU UAS Center welcomes Associate Professor Robert Ladig, who joined us from May 1st as a researcher with main focus in the fields of aerial manipulation, interfaces for aerial robotics, and search and rescue.

Robert is joining us after living for 11 years in Japan. Apart from doing mountain hiking and enjoying the beautiful Japanese temples and shrines, he was working on UAS research at the Ritsumeikan University’s BKC campus in Kusatsu, Shiga.

Joining the Ritsumeikan University’s “Integrated Sensors and Intelligence Lab” as a student in 2012 and from 2018 as Assistant Professor at the same lab, he has been continuously working on UAS and has been publishing research for 10 years now on how aerial robots can be equipped with specialized manipulators to they can perch, push, pull, turn, spray or land on moving surfaces.

Editing was completed: 29.06.2023