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First drone out of SDU Composite Lab

Already before the composite lab in HCA Airport is finished, it has resulted in a successfully flying drone.

Dylan Cawthorne from SDU UAS Center experimented with using the new composite 3D printer to build a lightweight and aerodynamic drone with few parts: one single-piece wing and one-piece body.

The resulting drone weighs 150 grams and has a wingspan of 30 cm. The drone is designed to transport small cargo up to 10 grams, like medication.

After a few test flights and some adjustments of the balance point and propeller size, the drone is now flying successfully.


  • The drone was printed on a MarkForged MarkTwo composite 3D printer at SDU UAS Test Center
  • Wing print time: 12 hrs.
  • Fuselage print time: 5 hrs.

Editing was completed: 20.02.2018