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Drone to track and destroy the poisonous giant hogweed plant

Henrik Skov Midtiby from the UAS Center is one of the leading partners in a project, that has developed a drone with an attached “weed wiper” that can not only detect the giant hogweed plant by using cameras and artificial intelligence, but can also destroy the plant by touching it with the weed wiper.

The idea is to use the drone as a tool, that can not only collect data, but also can be used as an active tool, that acts on the data.

The project is led by Technological Institute in cooperation with Itelligence, Nygaard-Agroconsult and SDU UAS Center.

Read the article “Dronen som værktøj: flyvende bekæmpelse af ukrudt kan give miljø- og bundlinjebesparelser” (in Danish)

Editing was completed: 24.08.2020