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For Students

You can learn about composites within lab teaching offered in various courses across SDU technical faculty educations as well as in our international Summer university course “Applied composite drone manufacturing”.


Regarding student projects, we offer exciting composite challenges for your Bachelor and Master program, international exchanges and internships. We cooperate with SDU eagles drone racing team and SDU Vikings car racing team .


Students have already run projects on drones, satellites, skateboards, surfboard fins, racing cars, rockets, composite manufacturing technologies and more. 


We are cooperating closely with composite companies, and would help you getting in contact for your internships or career plans in the field of composites. 


We offer a collaborative work environment in our lab and appreciate passionate projects. As we are working with chemicals and reactive substances, we keep focus on safety in our work. To run your project safely we offer instructions on multiple processes and lab equipment.  You can find instructions for the Lab for access and requirements here  


Group of Composite Lab Students




Last Updated 09.09.2020