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Mini Picker - World’s first off-the-shelf co-worker robot for small parts bin-picking (2014-2018)

The objective of Mini Picker is to develop a small light-weight bin picking solution based on a Universal Robots arm and using the bin picking software from Scape Technologies. The robot will be equipped with a tool-unit with 1-1½cm vacuum suction cup and embedded optical sensor to find parts and positions before and during grasping. The role of CARO in the project is to optimize robot motions and automatic generation of grasps.

Besides the University of Southern Denmark, the consortium consists of Universal Robots, Scape Technologies, Aalborg University and the Danish Technical University. The project is funded by the National Danish Advanced Technoloogy Foundation.


Associate Professor Lars-Peter Ellekilde

Project partners:

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark; Universal Robots A/S, Denmark; Scape Technologies A/S, Denmark; Aalborg University, Denmark; Danish Technical University, Denmark



Last Updated 07.06.2021