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LapTics (2017-2021)

In the LapTics project, we are trying to create a robotic camera arm for Laparoscopic operations, in the hospital.

The current setup is that an assistant has to hold the endoscope (a camera for minimal invasive surgery) and move the camera around for the entire operation.

To make the doctor able to control the camera directly, we are working on two types of control schemes. The first is voice control where the doctor can ask the camera to move. The other is eye control, where depending on the gaze of the doctor on the monitor with the camera image, the robot will either be put into motion or stand still.


The Project is made in collaboration with Laptics, Syddansk Innovation and LiNA Medical, where we at SDU Robotics are responsible for the robot control and software side of things.



Professor Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

Project Partners

LapTics; Syddansk Innovation; LiNA Medical; SDU Robotics

Last Updated 07.06.2021