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Health-CAT - Health Care Assisting Technology (2017-2020)


Health-CAT is funded by Interreg and Syddansk Vækstforum and is running from 2017 to 2020. Health-CAT aims at addressing societal challenges, e.g. induced by the demographic change, by identifying where exactly robot can be introduced for which use cases and developing a prototype as well as a commercialization strategy for a robotic solution. Furthermore, relevant stakeholders and end-users will be included in the development in order to address reservations against robotic solutions in this domain and to ensure that a relevant prototype is developed. Please have a look at the project web page for more information.


Assistant Professor Leon Bodenhagen

Project Partners:

Fachhochschule Kiel (FH-Kiel), Germany; Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation (SDSI), Denmark; Robotize, Denmark; Sygehus Sønderjylland (SHS), Denmark; Universität zu Lübeck (UZL), Germany; Blue Ocean Robotics (BOR), Denmark; Region Sjælland (RS), Denmark.


Last Updated 07.06.2021