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Regarding Press Visits

Requests from members of the press to visit any part of the SDU Metaverse Lab should be directed to Ms Jane Thoning Callesen,, Head of TEK Communication at the Faculty of Enigeeering, SDU.

Requests for photo or video shoots should also be directed to Ms Jane Thoning Callesen,, Head of TEK Communication.

Filming at SDU Metaverse Lab is by permission only. Filming at SDU Metaverse Lab can take place during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, with advance clearance from the TEK Communications team at the Faculty of Engineering, SDU.

Signed release forms and insurance verification are typically required before filming begins. SDU and SDU Metaverse Lab researchers are only authorized to sign filming release forms, not the individual forms of production companies, networks, or organizations.

To ensure that press visits are minimally disruptive to the other researchers, a member of TEK communication may need to accompany interviewers and/or photographers to their destination in the SDU Metaverse Lab. This is to protect the intellectual property of the research groups within the lab, as well as minimize disruption.

Covid-19 Protocols

There are currently no Covid-19 protocols in effect at SDU Metaverse Lab.
Please continue to direct all requests for press visits and photo or video shoots to Ms Jane Thoning Callesenjtca@tek.sdu.dkHead of TEK Communication.

Obtaining Images

All requests for slides, digital photos, or videos should be directed to Ms Sussie Luel-Brockdorf,


Ms Jane Thoning Callesen
Head of TEK Communication
Faculty of  Engineering, SDU

Last Updated 14.03.2024