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SDU Metaverse in new Games User Research podcast

When you play a game, something happens. You might be feeling elated, frustrated, engaged, furious, whimsical. Your heart rate might go up, and your sweat glands activate. Alpha- and beta-waves firing in your brain. You are having an experience.

Professor Anders Drachen, SDU Metaverse Lab, has joined forces with two of the most prolific academics in games user research - Lennart Nacke, University of Waterloo, and Pejman Mirza-Babaei, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, to launch a new podcast that dives into the many challenges associated with understanding usability and user experience in games. Games User Research, or simply "GUR" exists to ensure that players experience games in the way the designers expect them to. This is not a simple task, and the podcast starts diving into the complexities in the first episode on player experience. 

The Games User Research Book Podcast can be accessed here: and is also on Apple Podcasts:

Editing was completed: 03.05.2022