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About SDU Metaverse Lab

The SDU Metaverse Lab is an interdisciplinary research, academic and impact-generating organization. Unconstrained by disciplines, the Metaverse Lab sees engineers, scientists, designers, artists and practitioners focusing on creating experiences and technologies that enable people to shape and engage with the future. In the Metaverse Lab, staff and students work together with companies and organizations on projects across disciplines - from games to health, learning to robotics, data to code - in an environment designed for collaboration and technology-transfer.

Our faculty lead the Game Development and Learning Technologies program, working with students, visitors, and our many partner companies and organizations. Our students of the Game Development and Learning Technologies form the crucial front end engineering link between back end engineering and the actual users of information systems, with deep technical expertise and design skills who can ensure systems are actually useful and impactful - and ready for the future. Our alumni have gone on to share their unique skills and competencies across the Creative Industries. 

About us

Last Updated 14.12.2023