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"M-prisen" for two talented mechanical engineers from SDU

We are proud to announce that Julie Lynge Madsen and Liv Obbekær have just received "M-prisen": An award for remarkably good exam projects from Denmark's engineering schools.

By Katarzyna Janus-Fiutowska, , 4/19/2023

Julie and Liv both have a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.
In their masters thesis they have investigated a new approach to analyzing wind data, which can be used to estimate the lifespan of cables on the Great Belt Bridge.  This is really exciting! 
We asked Liv and Julie how it feels to receive this prestigious prize:
"Being nominated for the award (M-prisen) is an achievement in itself, so we are very proud and happy to have received the prize for our thesis. We are also honored that SDU has chosen to nominate our thesis for the award."

This is truly an impressive achievement and once again, congratulations to Liv and Julie.
The prize was presented by the M-Fonden in collaboration with IDA Mechanical.
Editing was completed: 19.04.2023