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Composite Lab Cooperation and Collaboration


We offer to cooperate with external partners and help these obtain benefits with composites.

At present Composite Lab is working with:

Space Composite Structures Denmark Aps

The SDU Composite Lab and the private company Space Composite Structures Denmark Aps have each developed special expertise in composite production technology. The two parties both have an interest in expanding their knowledge in production methods in composite manufacturing technology.



International Collaboration

We are working in international applications and projects with partners from the EU and around the world.

We have a strong network and cooperate with international composite suppliers and companies within materials, testing and process automation.

Furthermore, we are collaborating with the following institutions:

Borås University, Sweden

Composite lab collaborates with Borås university
Department of Textile Technology in the field of Bio
Thermoplastics composite & application in drone manufacturing


University of Montana, US





Last Updated 29.01.2021