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Significant Achievements

An entrepreneurial section

The section for Innovation and Design Engineering has a tradition of entrepreneurship, and runs one of the most successful entrepreneurship specialisations at SDU. 

With a wide range of possibilities for students at the section to engage with entrepreneurial projects and work with their own such, it is no wonder that a very high percentage of the student startups that emerge out of SDU – here we might for instance mention AirWallet and Porcovision – have some connection to IDE. 

In addition, several of the members of staff either do research on entrepreneurial companies, or otherwise engage with such (for instance as strategic advisors).

A diverse research culture

Innovation and design are both broad categories, and the research in the section is committed to understanding and studying these in a diverse set of environments and from diverse perspectives. 

Research at the section includes, but is not limited to, studies of food and food perception, business model innovation, networks and ecosystems in emerging technologies, technology foresight, and inclusivity and diversity in innovation. 

Researchers at the unit engage with a broad range of actors and many different industries – by design.

Strong outreach and impact focus

The section prides itself on continuously engaging with the surrounding community and emphasising impact in both teaching and research. 

Personnel from the section often take part in outreach activities, and strive to create not only scholarly outputs but also material for the interested public. 

Researchers at the section have written bestselling books for a general audience, and often lecture for practitioner audiences.

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Last Updated 13.10.2022