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Completed PhD projects at SDU BioRobotics

Versatile Bio-Inspired Legged Robots: Developing Mechatronics with High Mobility, Feasibility, Durability, and Power Density

The PhD study aims to address an important technological question “how to achieve mobile robots with high mobility, versatility, feasibility, durability, and power density”. According to this, the thesis covers the development of four main robot components: i) robot biomechanical structure, ii) robot compliant joint, iii) robot actuator transmissions, and iv) robot force/torque sensor. The research also includes bioinspired robotics, mechatronics, sensors and actuators, and morphological computation.

PhD poster

PhD Student: Peter Billeschou
Principal supervisor: Poramate Manoonpong
Co-supervisor: Jørgen C. Larsen

NEUTRON: Neurorobotic Technology for Advanced Robot Motor Control

The PhD study aims to address an important scientific question “how to realize generic adaptive neural control for machine intelligence”. According to this, the work draws inspiration from animal locomotion control to successfully develop advanced neural motor control mechanisms with fast learning for legged robots. The thesis covers the development of adaptive neuralmechanisms for four fundamental adaptations required from efficient locomotion. The adaptations include frequency, phase, amplitude, and behavioural adaptations. The thesis also demonstrates the performance of the developed mechanisms in both simulation and real robot experiments.
PhD Student: Mathias Thor
Principal supervisor: Poramate Manoonpong



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Last Updated 10.10.2023