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CIE is an important part of a new research centre, which will provide more reliable electronics

The X-Power test centre initiative was inaugurated on Tuesday the 23rd. November at Aalborg University. Here, researchers and industry can test the reliability of power electronics in everything from wind turbines to smartphones. X-POWER was created in a collaboration led by Aalborg University, where the Center for Industrial Electronics at SDU and SDU Electrical Engineering also play an essential role.

A new research centre makes it possible to strengthen the durability and reliability of power electronics. The centre is called X-Power and was on Tuesday the 23rd. November opened at Aalborg University (AAU).

Power electronics is the technology that handles high current and voltage in all types of electronics. With X-Power, it will be possible to test the reliability of power electronic systems and components under stress factors such as temperature, humidity and vibrations.

Thus, researchers and industry can improve the technology and more easily predict its lifespan. Among other things, it is essential to achieve the green transition.

- Power electronics are without a doubt a key technology in modern society. With X-Power, we become even better at understanding how many different factors affect it, said Frede Blaabjerg, centre manager for X-Power and professor at AAU Energi, at the inauguration.

Rising needs

 AAU Rector Per Michael Johansen also attended the inauguration. In his speech, he emphasized that X-Power, in line with the university's other activities, will help solve pressing societal challenges.

X-POWER was created in a collaboration led by Aalborg University with SDU, FORCE Technology and DTU. In addition to the test facilities in Aalborg, departments will also be established at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and Sønderborg. And here, the Center for Industrial Electronics (CIE) and SDU Electrical Engineering at SDU play an essential role.

- We are in a phase where new materials - such as. 'Wideband gap' devices - are being introduced in the market. In this context, passive components and their understanding are essential. It is a research field where SDU Electrical Engineering and CIE are firm, says the head of CIE, associate professor Thomas Ebel.

He emphasizes that insight into how capacitors are integrated into ultra-compact industrial power electronics is essential.

Proud to be part of an essential collaboration

 Thomas Ebel is thrilled and proud that CIE is part of the X-Power project.

- We are convinced that with the help of our knowledge and equipment we can help many companies both at home and abroad in connection with the durability and reliability of their power electronics.

The head of CIE concludes by saying that it is vital for SDU to collaborate with universities such as Aalborg University and DTU, which are world leaders in the reliability of power electronics. Thomas Ebel looks forward to joint research projects and collaboration in industrial terms.

Editing was completed: 03.12.2021