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NASA participates in MCI seminar

MCI holds seminar on lithium-ion battery technology. NASA-researcher participates with lecture on the use of the batteries in space applications.

A recently concluded Ph.D.-project about technology and safety in Li-Ion batteries is the background for a seminar about the subject, which is held February 7 at the Mads Clausen Institute, SDU. Li-Ion batteries are used in technologies or products, which require electrical energy storage, e.g. electrical and hybrid vehicles, smartphones, tablets etc.

Li-Ion batteries cause fire
Compared to ordinary batteries, Li-Ion batteries have better properties in terms of high capacity, low self-discharge rate, zero-maintenance, high energy density and long life. Unfortunately, the battery has also caused fire in several products due to overheating and meltdown. For instance Samsung was forced to recall millions of Galaxy 7 cell phones, and in 2013 a fire broke out in a Boing Dreamliner.

Focus on safety
The purpose of the seminar is to foster an understanding of how the safety in Li-Ion batteries can be increased. The list of participants is now counting almost sixty persons coming from companies and universities from both Denmark and Germany. The seminar offers a very interesting field of researchers, who will introduce the latest results – including a researcher from NASA, who will present the ways of which NASA works to reduce the risk of overheating in manned space applications. Moreover, there will be presentations from representatives from the University of South Carolina, The Danish Technological Institute, Banke A/S, The Danish Technical University as well as SDU’s own Ph.D. Paul Coman, who will present the results of his dissertation.

It is possible to sign up for the seminar until February 5. Participation is free of charge. Please contact Martina Simurda on e-mail

For further information, please see program and abstract.
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