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More information regarding submission of the PhD Thesis

Two months' notice of submission

The PhD student must notify the Head of Department and the PhD School Secretariat of the submission of the thesis in good time and no later than two months before the expected submission date in order to ensure that the deadlines for the assessment and the defence can be met. It is important to comply with this term of notice so that the assessment committee can be appointed when the thesis has been submitted.

List of activities and the principal supervisor's statement

 The student must draw up an updated list of the programme activities performed during the PhD programme on the basis of the PhD plan in connection with submitting the thesis. The list of activities must be written in Danish and English with respect to issuing the PhD certificate. The list must be forwarded to the principal supervisor no later than two weeks before the thesis is submitted.

The principal supervisor writes a statement about the PhD study programme as a whole, including the performance of the individual elements in the PhD plan based on the list of activities, cf. Section 9 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes. The statement must be in English.

If, in his statement, the principal supervisor indicates that the PhD programme has not been performed satisfactorily, the PhD student is entitled to comment on the statement within two weeks.

The Head of PhD School decides whether the PhD study programme has been performed satisfactorily on the basis of the principal supervisor's statement, any comments from the author and the regular evaluations. The thesis can only be accepted for assessment if the overall PhD programme has been performed satisfactorily.

If the Head of PhD School decides that the PhD programme has not been performed satisfactorily, the PhD student is entitled to forward comments on the decision to the Dean within two weeks. In this case, the final decision will be made by the Dean. 

The PhD student's enrolment at the university ceases on the submission of the PhD thesis.

Last Updated 15.03.2024