The PhD Programme under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

What can we offer?

  • A research training programme at a high international level
  • Broad contact interface with national and international research environments
  • Study visits to recognised foreign universities
  • Participation in courses at other national and international universities
  • The opportunity to acquire a unique knowledge within an area of expertise
  • A good research environment with close links to experienced researchers
  • Flexible working conditions

As a PhD student at the PhD School under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences you will work - in close interaction with your academic supervisor - to complete an independent scientific project, the outcome of which is a PhD thesis. You will be able to arrange a great part of your PhD programme yourself and during the programme, you will also be able to take study trips to recognised foreign universities, such as Stanford University and Oxford University, to establish contacts with active research environments outside the University of Southern Denmark, and to participate in courses at both international and national research institutions. In addition, you will gain experience with teaching and supervising students.

The PhD programme consists of:

  • An independent scientific project completed under supervision
  • PhD courses totalling approx. 30 ECTS points (corresponding to ½ year)
  • Teaching or other type of knowledge dissemination
  • Study visits, mainly abroad
  • PhD thesis
  • The opportunity to defend your thesis in public

If you need further information, you are most welcome to contact the PhD School Secretariat

During your time as a PhD Student you can visit Philoteket located at SDU Library, Odense. Here The PhD Café will offer different types of events for PhD Students.

Read more about the PhD Café and upcoming events here.


PhD Portal

Here you will find information about your courses, evaluations, the latest news, activities and more

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PhD User Survey 2016

User survey among the PhD Students of the PhD School at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences 2016

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