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Thesis submission at TEK- Instructions and requirements

A common procedure has been established in a collaboration between the PhD schools and the SDU library (SDUB)  for the submission, storage and e-publication of PhD theses at the University of Southern Denmark. 

As of 1 September 2021, all TEK PhD theses must be submitted electronically in the SDU database Pure.

When a thesis is uploaded in Pure, it is checked for original content and plagiarism by SDUB before SDUB, on behalf of the student, submits the thesis  to the PhD school for the evaluation and defense. The PhD school distributes the full electronical version of the thesis, the co-author statements  and the principal supervisor's statement to the evaluation committee. When a PhD thesis has been accepted for defense by the evaluation committee, the thesis will be made publicly accessible via SDU’s researcher portal at a reasonable time before the PhD defense, persuant to the PhD order section 19, subsection 2.

If  your thesis includes unpublished data or copyrighted materials  that prevents you  from having the thesis e-published through Pure, or if you need to have an embargo period on the publication of your thesis, please submit an application regarding this to the SDUB and see important information at the SDUB webpage and contact the SDUB for guidance.

Please note that the student and the principal supervisor are responsible for compliance with any collaboration agreements or NDAs relating to the PhD project.

The PhD thesis must be uploaded in one pdf file in Pure at the deadline for submission. The deadline is found at

In the process of uploading the thesis in a pdf file in Pure it is mandatory that  the student also upload the following 4 documents in separate files:

  1. Co-author statements for papers included in the thesis. The statements must be submitted in one collective pdf file with all the co-author statements.
  2. The principal supervisor’s statement in English concerning the entire course of PhD studies, including the completion of the individual components of the PhD plan. The statement must be submitted in one pdf file.
  3. A brief popular scientific abstract in English of the PhD thesis. The abstract must be written using widely understood scientific terminology and comprise about one A4 page. The abstract must be submitted in one pdf file.
  4. A reporting form for Statistics Denmark. The latest version of the form is found on Statistics Denmark’s website (Obtained Ph.D. degree and discontinued Ph.D.). The form must be submitted in one pdf file.
Submit your PhD thesis here

SDUBs complete guide and instructions on the process and direct access to Pure upload


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