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Epidedemiological research

Epidemiology is often a vital part of ressearch projects conducted in the Research Unit of Clinical Microbiology, as epidemiology includes important subjects such as:

  • Prevalence of a given microorganism
  • Description of  diseases potentially caused by the microorganism in question in selected patient groups
  • Spreading of the microorganism
  • Risk factors and causes of infection
  • Prevention of illness
  • And much more

Epidemiologic research often include characterisation of microorganisms and phenotypic and genotypic mapping of their characteristics. For this purpose, we often use the same tests, methods, and technigues used in general clinicalmicrobiologic diagnostics, but epidemiological testing will often include extended characterisation e.g. based on real time PCR and/or sequencing in order to map significant genes of the microorganism in question.

Epidemiological reserach can also be based on register data, and most reserach projects within infection hygiene will contain a great deal of epidemiology.
You can find more information about our current research projects in the list below.

Epidemiological research


Last Updated 20.10.2023