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Neurokinin-1 receptor targeted radionuclide therapy of glioblastoma

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    PhD Student

Ph.D.-fellow: Vigga Sand Laursen
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof., medical physicist, Helge Thisgaard
Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof., cell biologist, Birgitte Brinkmann Olsen
: Assoc. Prof., radiochemist, Johan Hygum Dam

Short description of Project
Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive primary brain tumour found in patients, accounting for more than 60% of all brain tumours in adults. Despite extensive treatment GBM remains incurable with an overall median survival of only approx. 14 months. New treatment options that can improve survival are therefore in high demand. We have recently demonstrated in GBM cancer cells and rats with GBM tumours that Auger-electrons are very effective for treatment not only of normal cancer cells but also of so-called cancer stem cells, which are normally resistant towards conventional therapies. Based on these preliminary studies the overall aim of this project is to further develop novel Auger-electron- emitting compounds targeting the neurokinin-1 receptor overexpressed in GBM and investigate the potential of this new therapy to eradicate GBM tumours and GBM cancer stem cells in laboratory animals. Thus, potentially allowing for a rapid translation of the method to patients.

This project is mainly sponsored by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (2.85 mio DKK), which covers the running costs of the project and employment of the Ph.D.-fellow. NEYE-fonden and Eva & Henry Frænkels Memorial Fund have generously provided an additional salary of respectively 6 and 3 months due the extension of the project owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information of NEYE-fonden can be found at:

The Ferd and Ellen Hindsgavl's Non-Profit Fund as well as the Hede Nielsen Family Foundation have kindly contributed to the monetary costs of courses outside of Denmark.



Last Updated 09.05.2022