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Cancer diseases

Detect and destroy: cancer research from molecule to man

In clinical cancer research, we have great interest in performing patient and clinically relevant projects in appropriate prospective and register-based study designs. Many of the clinical projects refer to our Frontline Center, PREMIO, which is aiming at improving Personalized Response Monitoring in Oncology. We strive for high accuracy in cancer diagnosis, staging, and response evaluation – but most of all we aim for creating evidence to benefit clinical practice and cancer patients. Our research is therefore strongly dependent on a fruitful collaboration with clinicians and patients.


The cancer research group also aims at developing novel radiopharmaceuticals with clinical relevance in translational study designs. Our clinical and preclinical projects are therefore closely related, and a major focus is on theranostics that uses twin-isotopes with PET tracers for imaging and Auger-electron-emitters for therapy. We have excellent collaboration with groups from SDU and many international colleagues.


Group leader

Malene Grubbe Hildebrandt, Head of Research, Chief Physcian, Clinical Associate Professor, MD, MSc, PhD

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Odense University Hospital

Kløvervænget 47

DK-5000 Odense C


Phone: +45 3017 1888


Members of the group

Anne Lerberg Nielsen, Specialist in PET/CT, MD 

Christina Baun, Research Radiographer , MSc, PhD student

Helge Thisgaard, Medical Physicist, Associate Professor, MSc, PhD, MPE

Johan Hygum Dam, Radiochemist, Associate Professor, MSc, PhD

Poul Flemming Høilund-Carlsen, Professor, MD, DMSci, Prof (Hon)

Ongoing projects

  • Staging primary cancers, such as gynecological, prostate, and head-and-neck cancers using PET/CT or PET/MR
  • Response evaluation in advanced cancers such as breast, prostate, lung cancer, malignant myeloma and lymphoma using PET/CT (or PET/MR)
  • PET/CT for early and precise diagnosis of disease recurrence and side effects in patients treated with immunotherapy for malignant melanoma
  • Renal function and clinical outcome after cryoablation of renal cancer
  • Translational research in glioblastoma and breast cancer 

Last Updated 17.05.2024