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Bachelor project (Medicine and Clinical Biomechanics)

We are responsible for the management of module B11 (bachelor thesis) at the study of Medicine and Clinical Biomechanics, Faculty of Health, SDU.  (Approximately 380 students per year). Professor Lars Melholt Rasmussen is Head of module.

KFTB (Klinisk Farmakologi og Terapi B, Farmaci)

We are responsible for management of module KFTB at the study of Pharmacy.  Ass. professor Louise Helskov Jørgensen is module leader.

Other teaching

Our research unit members are responsible for teaching activities (lectures, supervision, group teaching, and workshops) at the following courses at SDU:


  • Bachelor module B6 (Nutrition and Growth)
  • Bachelor module B9 (Clinical Biochemistry)
  • Bachelor module B9 (Diagnostic Methods)
  • Bachelor module B10 (Attack and Defense Mechanisms (Immunology))
  • Bachelor module B11 (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Bachelor module B12 (Diagnostic Methods)
  • Master module K2 (Thrombosis and Coagulation)
  • Master - Profile module (Research Course – Clinical Biochemistry) 
  • Master module K10 (Thrombosis and Coagulation)



  • Bachelor SU 508 (anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering drugs)
  • Master module KFTB (Immunology, Atherosclerosis)



Pathophysiology - atherogenesis


Moreover, we are involved in teaching at PhD-courses, medical specialist courses , etc.

Last Updated 20.10.2023