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Researchgroup PE

The pharmacoepidemiological group endeavours to develop methods, infrastructure and practice within pharmacoepidemiology. This involves improving existing analysis methods or developing new ones, as well as holding courses, sharing codes and publishing tutorials and supporting material for other researchers. In addition, the group is extremely active in both the Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology and the International Society for Pharmacopidemiology. In addition to method development, the group is widely recognized for applied pharmacoepidemiological research, ie. studies of specific drug effects, with the aim of creating knowledge that can be used by therapists, patients and regulators.

The group works broadly with drugs within virtually all therapeutic areas and has an extensive collaboration with Danish clinicians, especially from Odense University Hospital, and with international researchers. A special focus area is the development of methods and practices for hypothesis-generating studies that screen large data sets for unknown effects, e.g., in relation to the risk of developing drug-induced cancer or diabetes.

Last Updated 19.04.2021