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Educations within Chemistry and Pharmacy

The study programmes within Chemistry and Pharmacy are built around a broad foundation that allow the students to specialise in many ways. The programmes are both focused and have a high degree of freedom of choice.

Our degree programmes are structured with a bachelor's degree lasting three years, which is followed by the two-year Master’s programme. There are always at least two possible Master’s programmes to choose between when the student goes from bachelor to Masters’s degree. On the Master’s degree, the student will get acquainted with basic research and experience how we at the department put basic research into perspective of the major global challenges, from basic research to the SDGs.

The programmes listed below are all available to the Danish students, where foreign students may only be enrolled in the Master’s programmes.


  • Organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Health at SDU (SUND)
  • The bachelor part takes place at our department.
  • Master’s programmes:
    • Clinical Pharmacy, which is mainly placed at SUND
    • Technological Pharmacy, which is mainly placed at FKF
    • Medicinal chemistry at FKF.


  • Profiles in Chemistry on the bachelor:
    • Medicinal chemistry. Focus on acquiring competencies that are in demand in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Chemistry. Focus on acquiring the competencies that are in demand in modern society with a focus on sustainable development.
    • Chemistry + other subject. Decision for the second subject is made at the end of the second year. A combination of two subjects is attractive in the industry.
  • Master’s programmes:
    • Medicinal Chemistry (Bach. in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemistry + other subjects). On the Master's programme in Medicinal Chemistry, students will deal with the development and use of pharmaceuticals. Here we have a unique environment at FKF because we can bring in elements from the pharmaceutical research taking place at the department.
    • Chemistry (Bach. in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemistry + other subjects). On the Master's programme in Chemistry, students can choose to delve into one of our exciting branches of chemistry and write their thesis within the branch of their choice.
    • Chemistry with a profile in Environmental Chemistry (bach. in Chemistry and Chemistry + other subjects). This profile brings competencies from both Chemistry, Biology and Law into play, and is a strong specialization in the intersection between environmental chemistry and law.
    • Chemistry + other subject (Bach. in Chemistry + other subject). A Master's degree in Chemistry + another subject gives students, among many other things, teaching competence in both subjects and is attractive in the industry.

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