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Drug Transport and Delivery

For a drug substance (“active pharmaceutical ingredient”, API) to become therapeutically effective, it must first be taken up by the body, e.g. the API must be bioavailable. Ours is the field of biopharmaceutics exploring the interplay between physico-chemical properties of API (e.g. solubility), drug formulation (e.g. drug release in the body) and physiological conditions at the administration side (e.g. physiological barriers) and bioavailability of the API.

We are working on optimization of the physico-chemical properties of APIs as well as on advanced drug formulation strategies (e.g. enabling formulations, microparticles, nanoparticles, liposomes) to improve the API’s bioavailability and thus its clinical efficiency. Our focus lies especially on the oral (e.g. pills) and cutaneous (e.g. skin cream) administration route and their absorptions barriers.

In addition, we are investigating and developing new biopharmaceutical in-vitro test and screening methods mimicking the physiological conditions in the best possible way. Such models may provide an improved in-vitro/in-vivo correlation thus facilitating reduction of animal studies. 

The education in Pharmaceutic Technology is based on the research within this area.

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Last Updated 10.08.2023