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Sustainable Chemistry

In sustainable chemistry, we use our chemical knowledge to create green solutions to better utilise the planet's resources. Our work is broadly focused, and among other things we strive to:

  • Develop new catalysts that can transform CO2 and plant material into valuable raw materials that can be used, for example, in nuclear economic pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Produce new environmentally friendly materials for efficient extraction and storage of renewable energy.
  • Similarly, we are researching how, using new materials and chemical processes, we can transform waste products into important resources.

Our research projects contain three elements:

  • Molecular and material production. In the production of new materials, we use synthesis that gives us full control over the atomic composition and structural constitution, which is very important for the characteristics that society is looking for.
  • Structural studies. Looking at the composition of materials from atomic to nano- to micro-scale with advanced equipment are essential in our work.
  • Characterisation of properties.  We examine the properties of the materials – e.g. how effectively an enzyme-like molecule can bind to a particular gas in the air.

By linking the information about properties with our discoveries about the structure of materials and our knowledge of the manufacturing process, we create new criteria for how materials for sustainable technologies can be developed.


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Last Updated 10.08.2023