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Steffen Bähring

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 8426

In my research group, we work with the synthesis of organic molecules with special electron-donor groups as well as groups that accomplish to be able to bind and detect C60 fullerenes and TNT explosives using non-covalent Interactions such as hydrogen bonds, pi-pi interactions and dipol-dipol interactions. This type of electron-donated organic molecules is also interesting in the concept of organic solar cells. These solar cells are next-generation and are paper-like, flexible solar cells that can be integrated into buildings and diverse surfaces. By using organic molecules, production costs will be lower and the potential for harvesting green energy will increase.

Another area in which I am working is the formation of supramolecular polymers. These are distinguished by forming polymer-like structures in solution, so that one can work with them in liquid mode as opposed to common polymers such as nylon and PVC that are fixed. The supramolecular polymers are particularly sensitive to stimuli, and can be influenced, for example, be dissolved or to conduct a stream of electrons. They therefore extend the material range to power systems, which can prove crucial in the development of future technology.