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René Holm


Phone: +45 6550 2375

Drug formulation and delivery is a critical activity in many situations, an activity that requires understanding of a number of scientific disciplines, including the compounds and the excipients physical chemical behavior, the physiology at the administration site and potentially also at the target, analytical characterization of the formulation, pharmaceutical engineering just to mention a few. Different administration routes will naturally have different physiology that needs to be adjusted, but the physical chemical properties and laws that defines both the quality of the drug formulation as well as it’s performance is critical to define a well functional pharmaceutical dosage form – i.e. the interphase between physical pharmacy and biology in a broad context and including al potential modalities, i.e. small molecules, peptides, and mABs.

I work with different elements to define the above, research projects could include; i) definition of the formulation variables that defines a robust formulation based upon cyclodextrin complexation and the associated release from the complex; ii) investigating the stability of disperse systems, both as a function of the formulation components, but also the manufacturing approach; iii) defining relevant in vitro models for non-oral administration routes; iv) usage of lipid based formulations to enhance the oral absorption of hard to formulate compounds.