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Martin Brandl


Phone: +45 6550 2525, +45 6615 8760

Martin Brandl´s research is driven by the motivation to better understand how advanced drug formulations can contribute to make modern, poorly water-soluble, drug molecules orally bioavailable. His research is within the field of biopharmaceutics, connecting properties of drug formulations with their dissolution and supersaturation behavior and uptake into the body.

Focus on three area:
1) Oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs and mechanistic understanding of candidate-enabling formulations thereof.

2) Development of in vitro tools for predictive performance ranking of drug formulations through combined dissolution-/ permeation testing.

3) Analysis of colloidal and micro-particulate structures in the context of oral drug absorption, spontaneous formation of drug precipitates from supersaturated solutions, human and artificial intestinal fluids, particle separation and characterization by flow field-flow fractionation / multi-angle laser light scattering.


A list of publication and additional information can be found in the SDU Research Portal: