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Stefan Vogel

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6011 3908, +45 6550 3908

My research group works with modern biomolecules and their uses in pharmaceuticals. We mainly conduct our research on nucleic acid such as DNA and RNA, but also on peptides, which are used for specific recognition of cells and different tissues. This specific recognition is hugely important in the production and development of medicines that are only active in the body where a disease is located. The research also opens great opportunities for developing personal medicine, which takes into account the genetic difference between human beings. Personal medicine is already very important today in the development of cancer medicines, where current drugs are a major burden with serious side effects for many patients. Therefore, we are working to develop targeting medicines that work specifically on the sick tissue. Targeting medicines are stored and accumulate to a much lesser extent in other parts of the body, thus protecting healthy tissues. In research, we are increasingly using our nucleic acid technology for the development of personal medicines that take into account the patient's genetic heritage, but also to develop drugs against diseases that have hitherto been considered to be irreversible.

In our research we use a wide range of different methods and techniques in our laboratories. It is primarily chemical synthesis, especially the automated synthesis of (modified) biomolecules such as DNA and RNA or peptides. When the biomolecules are manufactured, we examine interactions with biological interfaces such as lipid membranes to learn about their properties in a biological system. Here we use different microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. We work with colleagues in pharmacy and clinical researchers at the hospital (OUH) to take new steps towards the finished medicinal products. Our research has organic chemistry as "core" with a broad interface to pharmacy and biology.