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Changzhu Wu

Associate Professor

Phone: +45 6550 8694

Enzymes are the catalysts of the cell. They increase the speed of the reactions in the cell without being consumed, and they are significantly more effective than the catalysts that are manufactured artificially. Today, a large number of enzymes are extracted from cells, and they are used industrially, for example, to produce antibiotics or added to detergents and other groceries. Denmark is a leading country within enzyme technology – both in terms of research and industrial.

Despite many uses, enzymes are often unstable under usual industrial conditions and their natural function cannot meet industrial demands. In my research group, we work on the field: enzyme immobilization and enzyme modification. We are able not only to make them stronger, but also to perform new tasks that they’re originally not capable of.

In Denmark, my research team is the only group that focuses on enzyme immobilization and modification for improved performance. Our studies contribute to the development of a number of new industrial enzymes, as well as technology to make the known enzymes more widely usable.