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Robo Trainer-One


Project RoboTrainer-One has its starting point in the University's research and innovation in the field of robot-assisted training and welfare technology.


The aim of the project

The project will, through interdisciplinary cooperation, work with specialised training through robotics. The goal is that RoboTrainer-One will optimise rehabilitative and preventive training — for patients in hospitals to astronauts in space - literally!

By combining our expertise in robotic technology, training, physiology and machine/human interaction, we can develop a demo model, which largely takes the user as its point of departure.

SDU´s RoboTrainer technology can contribute to society by improving users´ quality of life; increase their self-reliance; reduce recovery times, avoid loss of muscle and bone mass. All in all, this means lower costs for health care budgets.


The project outcome

To develop and verify a RoboTrainer demo model, which will be tested in hospitals and in space environments.

To build a long-term partnership and network for the development, deployment and commercialization of robotic technology in training


Work package leader: Anders S. Sørensen, Associate Professor, SDU Health Informatics and Technology, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute


Jørgen Maagaard, Associate Professor, SDU Mechanical Engineering, Department of Technology and Innovation
Per Aagaard, Professor, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics
Gitte Rasmussen, Professor, Department of Language and Communication

Last Updated 26.01.2021