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Related study programmes and courses

The following master courses are relevant for all three research fields. A new master study programme, MSc in Physics and Technology - materials profile - will be offered in Sønderborg starting in September 2023.


Fields of application and value for research community

Impact factors and applications

Photonics plays an important role in driving innovation across many fields. The application spreads across numerous areas, from imaging, lighting and optical communication to life sciences, health care and safety.

Value for research community and relevance for the network

Photonics provides practical and cost-effective solutions that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to meet global challenges in energy production, sustainable development, and healthcare. It takes urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


Contact (mail)

Ultrafast spectroscopy/

Jacek Fiutowski
Till Leißner

Optofluidics & sensing
Roana d. O. Hansen
Jacek Fiutowski

Last Updated 04.08.2023