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Danish Centre for Rural Research - CLF

February 23rd: Seminar on the new rural paradigm

In connection with the Dutch researcher Petra Derkzen’s research stay at the Danish Institute of Rural Research and Development a seminar on strategies in the European rural areas programs will be held on Monday February 23rd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The seminar will be conducted in English.

Petra Derkzen is employed as a researcher at the Wageningen University and is attached to the Department of Rural Sociology. She is currently working on an EU-project on the processes in and the implementation of the EU Rural Development Policy 2007-2013. The purpose of the project is among other things that the experiences drawn from this can be used optimally in the development of future rural area programs.

Conference programme:

The New Rural Paradigm: Hardly settled! – ready to move?

10.00 Registration and coffee
10.15 Pia Heike Johansen, IFUL: Welcome address
10.30 Søren Vinding, LAG Fanø: LAGs in real life – a local perspective
11.15 Annette Aagaard Thuesen, IFUL: Is LEADER elitist or inclusive?
12.00 Lunch - (free sandwich)

13.00 Petra Derkzen: Questioning the transformative power of the Second Pillar – rural development strategies across Europe
14.00 Poul Hoffmann, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries: CAP health checked – launching Green Growth
14.30 Wrapping up and closure

The seminar is open for everyone and participation is free. Registration to IFUL necessary:  

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