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Danish Centre for Rural Research - CLF

PhD defence by Annette Aagaard Thuesen on 12 May

Since 2007, Annette Aagaard Thuesen has been a PhD fellow of the Danish Centre for Rural Research and done research into the organising of partnerships within the frames of the European LEADER-programmes. Her PhD thesis is called:

Democratic effects of governance networks in the form of local action groups (LAGs).

The defence includes a lecture in English by Annette: “Rural development – a wicked problem?” in addition to the thesis stating that rural development and its organisation is a special and complex problem needing complex solutions. The opponents are Toril Ringholm, senior researcher at the Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS and Mark Shucksmith, professor of planning and director of Research and Consultancy at the University of Newcastle. The PhD defence takes place on Wednesday 12 May, 10am – 1pm. The defence and the following reception are open to the public, but registration is necessary at secretary Bente Nielsen, tel: +45 6550 4221 or mail:

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