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Danish Centre for Rural Research - CLF

Malene Brandt Winther - new PhD fellow at IFUL

As of 1 October Malene Brandt Winther (born 1975) is employed as a PhD fellow at IFUL. The fellowship is part of the cooperation between IFUL and the Ministry of the Interior and Social Affairs cofinancing with approximately one third. The three year PhD fellowship is concerned with the impact of the Danish administrative reform on rural areas, and the intention is to analyse how the municipalitities are organizing themselves politically and administratively, and how the citizens perceive the development of municipal services and the opportunities to gain influence.

Malene Brandt Winther is a social anthropologist from Aarhus University, and holds a master's degree in postcolonial politics and social research from the University of Wales. Furthermore she has experience from employment with HTH,  Force Technology and her own consultancy firm. A detailed project description is currently being prepared and will be described further later.
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