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Danish Centre for Rural Research - CLF

Guest Researcher visiting IFUL

Dr Maiti is from India and a trained sociologist

Dr Prasenjit Maiti was a guest researcher at IFUL from 7  September until to 20 September.
On 12 September, he held a guest lecture on 'A Risk Assessment Study' .

Dr Maiti is a trained political sociologist, and has worked at Burdwan University, Fribourg University in Switzerland and Heidelberg in Germany.
After having worked for NGOs for some years, Dr Maiti is now Project Manager at CES (Consulting Engineering Services), one of he biggest consultancy firms in South East Asia.

In 2005 Dr Maiti published the book 'Development Discourses', and he has edited four volumes on Urban Development Debates.

Read the news Guest Lecture for more information. 

Contact person:
Associate Professor Gunnar L.H. Svendsen, or tel. +45 6550 4227 
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