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The collaboration at the department of Clinical Biomechanics

We actively collaborate with international and national research institutions to increase the impact of our research. By partnering with respected institutions and experts worldwide, we aim to share knowledge, leverage different perspectives, and improve people's musculoskeletal health.

We also recognize the importance of ensuring the relevance of our research by engaging with societal stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, professional organizations, policymakers, and the public.

Danish collaborators:

  • The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub
  • Hospital Lillebaelt, Spine Center of Southern Denmark
  • Silkeborg Regional Hospital

International collaborators:

  • Macquarie University, Department of Chiropratic and Department of Physical therapy, Austria
  • OntarioTech University, Institute for Disability and rehabilitation Research, Canada 
  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Canada
  • Department of General Practise, Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands
  • Norwegian University for Technology and Natural Science, Department of Social Medicine, Norway
  • Oslo Met University, Centre for Intelligent Musculoskeletal Health, Norway

Last Updated 19.10.2023