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Ongoing PhD projects

Self-management and health care utilization in people with low back pain

 The overall aim of this PhD-project is to investigate if self-management support can lead to more optimal health care use in people with LBP.

The project contains three different studies:

  1.  A systematic review investigating the effect of interventions designed to support self-management on health care utilization for people with musculoskeletal pain.
  2.  A cohort study describing patterns of health care utilization in people with persistent LBP and investigating differences across socioeconomic groups.
  3.  A study investigating changes in health care use after participation in a patient education and exercise program aimed to increase self-management.

Søren Grøn

Associations between combinations of MRI findings in the Lumbar Spine and Low Back Pain

This PhD project addresses the uncertain clinical relevance of MRI-findings in the lumbar spine. Existing literature has primarily examined associations between individual MRI-findings and LBP, some studies suggest that both the number and specific combinations of degenerative MRI-findings play a role in the association with LBP. The overall aim of this project is to establish the evidence-based foundation for the development of a standardized, clinical reference tool that can assist health professionals in communicating relevant MRI-findings to people with LBP. The project includes four studies:

A systematic review examining the associations between sums or combinations of MRI-findings in the lumbar spine back and LBP.
A Delphi study seeking to generate an optimal list of approaches to sum or combine MRI-findings.
Two cohort studies, one developing statistical models to test associations between combinations of MRI findings and LBP in a Danish cohort, and the other validating models in an international cohort.

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Last Updated 09.01.2024