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The Centre for Industrial Software (CIS) is an international hub for excellent research, technology development and application. CIS offers cooperation with partners from industry contributing with advanced technologies, competences and world-class research facilities. 


Companies benefit from following technology areas and state-of-the-art labs:

How to cooperate

Cooperation with engineering students

Engage with our engineering students during their studies and contribute with real-life challenges from your company.

Research cooperation
Cooperate with our researchers and develop new technologies and prototypes leading to new insights and innovation

We offer technology consulting, measurements, analysis and testing on commercial terms. Please find the detailed services described in connectionwith our facilities.


Are you interested in a dialogue? Just mail or phone us:

Torben Worm
Head of SDU Software Engineering
Phone:  +45 65509571

Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
Professor and Head of Educations in Software
Phone: +45 65507965

Frank Jürgensen
Innovation Advisor
Phone: +45 6550 1286

Last Updated 01.12.2023