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New organisation of Robocluster, TEK Innovation and TEK Research Support

From 1 September TEK Research Support will merge with TEK Innovation and the Innovation Network RoboCluster’s office. Bjarke Falk Nielsen, current Cluster Manager for RoboCluster will be in charge of the new unit. Besides the current staff there will be an adding of new staff in terms of a research support consultant and a network coordinator.

The aim of the merger is to gather overlapping activities between the units and to target communication with TEKs departments and collaboration partners to provide even better services. One of the first tasks for the new unit is to produce a service portfolio.
With the merger the knowledge sharing will be strengthened between the unit staff members as they will work even closer together.

TEK will strengthen its position in regards to meeting its own aim to attract further external funding, gain an even greater capacity in the collaboration with the industry about innovation and will enhance the important position as manager of the entire RoboCluster network, in which other universities also participate. The network will remain the same and keep its name.

Mogens Brabech who is the current Head of TEK Innovation will from 1 June become Head of the Relocation to the new TEK Building, and will be in charge of the entire planning of the relocation.
Read more the organisation of the relocation process and Mogens’ new position: Mogens Brabech will direct the move to the new TEK Building.

If you have any questions regarding the above-mentioned, please contact:
Bjarke Falk Nielsen: +45 2119 4797

Editing was completed: 02.05.2014