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More room for the Students

Even before the new premises for the Faculty of Engineering is completed, it has grown 40 per cent. In order to accommodate a larger number of students, the faculty expands its area.

The new Faculty premises will become 40 percent larger than first planned. The building, which is under construction next to the central campus of the university at Campusvej, expands by 8,000 square meters and ends up being approximately 27,000 square meters.

The construction of new premises for the Faculty of Engineering was decided upon in 2007, but since then the university has seen a significant growth in the number of students.
In 2012 the number of enrolled students increased by approximately 30 per cent. It has therefore been necessary to adjust the original building plans.

Around 2,200 engineering students will be in their element in a modern knowledge centre of nearly 30,000 square metres. The students will get the best conditions in modern project rooms and workshops.
The new premises will also include a three-storey pilot laboratory for Chemical Engineering a two-storey robot laboratory.

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Editing was completed: 13.05.2013