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New engineering study programme is a hit at SDU

The University of Southern Denmark's new BEng in Robot Systems has been designed to fit the needs of the robot industry - and it seems to be hitting the mark among forthcoming students.

Help is on the way for the rapidly growing robot industry and its hunger for qualified engineers. 78 future students have chosen SDU's new BEng in Robot Systems as their priority study programme, which means that the industry's needs are likely to be met.

"We had actually expected to start with 50 students on the new study programme, but because we've had so many applications we'll work hard to enrol 20 more", says Henrik Bindslev, who as Dean of SDU's Faculty of Engineering is at the forefront of the University's engineering activities - which include 21 study programmes.

Developed in collaboration with robot industry

Henrik Bindslev is pleased that the new BEng study programme, which has been developed in close collaboration with the robot industry on Funen, also seems to be hitting the mark among the forthcoming students. When the deadline for applications to higher education passed a few days ago, a total of 194 applicants had chosen the new BEng study programme - and 78 of them as their so-called first priority.

"It's an impressive number, and it's very positive that it has been so well received", says Henrik Bindslev about the study programme, which commences with the first class of students on 1st September 2017.

Study programme with practical approach

The new BEng in Robot Systems takes 3.5 years to complete and has a practical approach to robot technology. It typically appeals to students who are passionate about getting underway quickly with constructing and using robots.

"The study programme's profile fits the robot industry like a glove and meets the industry's demand for employees with general skills in things like programming and software development for existing robot solutions", says a happy Henrik Bindslev.

And he has good reason to be happy because in general - as in previous years - there are a large number of students who want to graduate as engineers from SDU. For instance, this year 1029 applicants have chosen the University of Southern Denmark as the place they would most like to study a BSc or BEng. This is the equivalent of a 2% increase compared with last year's record number of applications.


For more information contact:

Dean Henrik Bindslev
Mobile: 9350 7110


Director of Studies Henning Andersen
Mobile: 2778 7301

Editing was completed: 10.07.2017