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Robot cuts red ribbon at inauguration of new building

The red ribbon was cut by a robot at Wednesday's inauguration of a new building on campus for SDU's engineers.

When the Faculty of Engineering and the rest of the University inaugurated the engineers' new building on Wednesday 30 September 2015, it was done entirely in the spirit of the new residents. There was champagne, fruit, marzipan ring cake and speeches - and a robot cut the red ribbon.

The robot was ready to do the honours which are normally assigned to princesses. The robot had no scissors, but instead cut the red ribbon with a ball of fire. A group of masters students were behind the show and had worked for two weeks to get the robot ready for inauguration day.

An inviting environment for 'geeky play'

In her speech a few moments before, the students' representative, Line Amtorp, said that the new building with its bubbles and great copper staircase encourages play of the geeky kind.

And there is both space and facilities for geeky play in the new building.

In his opening speech, Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam took the guests back in time when he told of how Odense's first technical school was founded by 5 master craftsmen more than 170 years ago. They saw the need for a well-educated and technically skilled workforce if Denmark was not to be left behind in future technological development.

Today, it is the University of Southern Denmark where engineers are educated but the same principles apply - Denmark will not be left behind. The new building's facilities ensure the engineers a place in the driving seat when it comes to spearheading technological development.

Beacon of future technology

Dean Henrik Bindslev said of the new building that it acts as a beacon for the future where sustainability, high technology and education go hand in hand. Here, the engineers can sparkle, share knowledge and get inspiration for new ideas.

"Our new residence represents impressive engineering, architectural art, solid craftsmanship and collaboration between disciplines, and it unites environmental considerations with beautiful and functional design," he said shortly before raising a glass to the elegant new building.

See the video from the inauaguration and find more pictures on Facebook

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